Nights with John Stanley on 2LT

8pm to Midnight Monday to Friday on 2LT

John Stanley is one of Australian radio’s most trusted voices and is reigniting night-time talkback radio.

The program heard nightly on 2LT combines John’s vast knowledge and expert analysis of politics, business and sport, with his passion for lively, engaging and entertaining talkback radio.

And joining Nights with John Stanley each evening between 8-9pm is Jane Marwick. The respected broadcaster is known for her work on 6PR Perth and Sky News, as well as her insightful newspaper columns.

“Night-time radio is a very important part of people’s lives, with foundations laid by the likes of my good friend, the late Stan Zemanek,” says John.

“There’s nothing more engaging than live talkback radio, and I can’t wait to talk to listeners right across the country every night.”