How Green was my Cactus on 2LT

6:50am, 8:50am & 4:30pm weekdays on 2LT

One of the most popular short-form shows on 2LT is “How Green was my Cactus.”

A satire mini-series airing 6:50am, 8:50am and 4:30pm every weekday.

Some of the voices 2LT listeners hear come from Keith Scott. Keith’s many Cactus characters include Emperor Malcolm Talkbull, ex-PM Tony Abs, Flopposition Leader Bill Curly, aspiring Flopposition Leader Anthony Albo, Senators Cory Bananas & Matias Cormanegger, front benchers Prissie Pyne & Barnaby Joh, Pres. Barack O’Bummer, media tarts Derryn Livershot & Mark Mayhem, sport guru Big Gazza Roidman, and North Korea’s Dear Leader Kim Jong Nong.

A few of Robyn Moore’s many Cactus characters include Liberal Deputy Leader Judas Bishop, Labor Deputy Tanya Plibernext, ex-Queen Julia Buzz-ard, Greens spokespixie Sarah Handsome-Rack, Senator Penny Ping Pong, Sandra Silly, Judge Judy Cranky, Queen Bessie of Buckinghuge Palace, One Nation Grand Wizard Pauline Hatful, and mining magnate Cruella de Creosote.