November – Quinn Jenkins

Our Junior School Star Award winner for November is Quinn Jenkins of Hampton Public School.

Quinn is a quiet and interested kindergarten student who has achieved excellent results in all Key Learning Areas.
She applies herself confidently to all learning activities.

Quinn is an avid reader who reads books fluently and expressively.
Quinn also enjoys the challenges of solving mathematical problems and completes all Math’s tasks
to a high degree of accuracy. She enjoys writing and publishing stories and sharing them with her peers.

Quinn plays a violin in Music and can perform and compose her own music.

She is an active participant in fitness and sporting challenges and has acquired skills that are beyond her development level.
She displays a creative flair that is made obvious in all art and craft work and she is developing important life skills
in regular cooking lessons.

This semester Quinn has completed the Premier’s Reading Challenge and has achieved numerous awards for her academic ability this year.
Quinn is a well-liked and respected student who is making the most of all the extra-curricular activities offered at Hampton Public School.