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Blue Mountains woman framed by younger woman seeking revenge

Oct 30, 2019

SPRINGWOOD, Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia – A 51-year old Blue Mountains woman who was arrested and charged with harassing a young woman, sending her threatening texts and delivering a box of material to her including a written death threat, it now turns out has been the victim of a twisted saga.

It all came to light on Wednesday when police, after the past two months investigating the allegations, concluded it was the younger woman who had sent the texts to herself, and created the evidence to set the older woman up, in other words to frame her, as a form of revenge.

The charges against the older woman, and an Apprehended Violence Order against her were withdrawn on Wednesday, while the younger woman, who is 29, has been arrested charged with allegedly orchestrating a fake harassment campaign against herself which resulted in a significant police investigation and a woman being wrongly arrested.

The saga began in May of this year, when the younger woman reported to police she had begun receiving threatening text messages on her phone. Further messages she said were received in July 2019.

On 21 August 2019, the woman reported that a box containing several items including photographs and a written death threat was left at her property in St Marys, in western Sydney, not far from the Blue Mountains.

Police after their investigations, based on the information provided, arrested the 51-year-old woman at a home in Blaxland in the Blue Mountains on 26 August 2019. She was taken to Springwood Police Station where she was issued with an Apprehended Violence Order.

During further investigations by detectives from Nepean Police Area Command, telecommunications evidence and CCTV was located, which allegedly showed the 29-year-old woman was responsible for the threatening activity.

The woman was arrested at 7:30am Wednesday morning. She appeared in Penrith Local Court later on Wednesday where police alleged that the campaign was an attempt to frame the older woman, as a form of revenge over past court matters.

The woman has been charged with making false statements to pervert the course of justice, making false accusations with intent to subject others to investigation, a threat to prevent information to police, dealing with identification information to commit offences, and acting with intent to obtain gain from a carriage service provider.

She was refused bail.